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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Turks & Caicos.

Hole in the Wall

Rated 5.0, 3 votes

A hole in the top of the reef drops vertically from 55 feet and exits from the face of the wall at 90 feet, creating a narrow chimney named Hole in the Wall. Space is limited to one diver in the chimney at a time. Growths along the inside walls are brittle and sharp. Lots of plate coral, schooling fish and lobsters....


Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Dive site G spot is named after the Gorgonian soft corals which are numerous here. At the edge of the wall near the fixed mooring lives a large spotted drum inside a coral clump. On the wall we saw a turtle and were visited from the blue by two magnificent eagle rays who came close to greet us. Barrel sponges, fans and other hard and soft corals abound on the wall. Above the wall we saw a wide variety of fish amongst the corals, including a large sting ray, yellow snappers, blue chromis, queen t...

Thunderdome, Dome

Rated 4.8, 4 votes

Thunderdome was originally part of the set for a French game show. The top of the steel structure is at 15 feet and the bottom at 35 feet. What remains of the dome is covered with scallops, clams, Christmas tree worms, Secretary blennies and other small life. Red stripe cleaning shrimp are often seen there, as well as a resident barracuda, gray angelfish, and Queen Angelfish. Scattered around the dome are coral heads....

Beckys Beautiful Bottom

Rated 4.0, 1 votes

While diving Beckys Beautiful Bottom you will find huge coral heads and barrel sponges line this wall, each containing a community of fish and creatures. It is a great dive site for photographers who like shooting macro shots. You'll find hermit crabs, Pederson cleaning shrimp, and corkscrew anemones....

Caicos Bank

Rated 3.7, 3 votes

The Caicos Bank is the turquoise colored sea just south of Providenciales and Caicos. It is shallow and consists out of tidal flats and swamps creating an excellent habitat for conch and lobsters. On its southern edge, the bank drops down into the abyss creating excellent dive sites in the form of drop-offs with plenty of marine life. One of the highlights on the Caicos Banks is the Molasses Reef Wreck, just east of West Caicos. It is the oldest shipwreck found in the western hemisphere and dat...

Brandywine, Brandy Glass Sponge

Rated 3.0, 1 votes

The top of the Brandywine dive site starts at 55 feet and drops down the sheer wall to about 120 feet. Sand chutes lead down to the wall and create overhangs where fish can hide. You will find giant sea anemones, blue tangs, soft corals, tiger-tailed sea cucumbers, and white spotted filefish. Watch for azure vase sponges as well along the wall and on top of the reef while diving here....

Magic Mushroom

Rated 2.8, 4 votes

Magic Mushroom is named after the rock formation near West Caicos that is shaped like a giant mushroom. The wall is buttressed with sand chutes covered with rope sponge and black coral leading down the wall. Look for the huge black coral tree at about 80-85 feet. On top of the wall, for a shallow 2nd dive, the large coral heads are home to numerous fish, eels, and conch....


Rated 1.0, 2 votes

Starting at about 50 feet, divers swim through a ravine and exit on the wall at 90 feet. The wall is a nearly vertical drop to about 200 feet with scattered wire coral, soft corals, and crinoids in many of the holes. Keep your eyes on the blue water for the occasional shark and eagle ray....

Coney Island

Rated 1.0, 2 votes

A small, sloping mini wall in about 25 feet of water is home to several small caves and overhangs great for finding those elusive critters that like to hide in the shade, including the occasional nurse shark. A lush coral field is located in 40 ft of water and is home to many fish, southern stingrays, eels and flying gurnards. On top of the wall, the depth gets as shallow as 5-15ft, but is one of the prettiest parts of the dive. Large 'sinkholes' are home to giant sea anemones, and the small cre...

South West Reef

Rated 1.0, 2 votes

Southwest Reef has a deeper wall beginning between 50-70 feet. The wall is vertical with enormous barrel sponge, deep water gorgonians and frequent sightings of shark and eagle ray....